Control Panels


Westbury has a 16,000 sq ft manufacturing shop floor with flexible bay areas which consist of a production management team, highly trained and experienced control panel builders, automation equipment, stores and a dedicated test section.

Scalable Builds

From small sized, simple junction boxes through to mid-range cabinets and large floor standing units, we can build (wire and assemble) control panels of all sizes.

Whether your requirements are high volume, repeat or bespoke, Westbury have the capability and capacity to fulfil your needs.

Pre-production Engineering

Westbury customers benefit from its pre-production service which checks their control panel designs and specifications before production is begun.

Subsequently, our engineers proactively highlight and resolve potential issues for customers to save time and cost.

Production Planning & Support

Our operations at Westbury are managed by utilising professional WinMan ERP Software, ensuring all areas of the business integrate and maintain quality, efficiency and traceability.


Design Services

Westbury are able to offer customers an in-house design service which incorporates detailed control panel hardware and / or software system design for a broad range of industrial control and automation applications.

For a comprehensive listing and further details of our design capabilities please see control systems.

UL508A Industrial Control Panels

Westbury are officially a UL listed facility, and as such are able to work to the UL508A Industrial Control Panels code.

Working to these standards for control panel manufacture and design, allows us to serve American and Canadian markets.

R&D / Prototyping

Westbury are able to respond to customers with a new requirement, which may need to be developed, prototyped and evaluated, before a commitment is made to roll out a full manufacturing order.

CAD Drawing 


Our draughtsmen at Westbury support both the manufacturing and design aspects of the business. They are conversant in industry CAD packages to aid with control panel layouts, schematic creation and component selection.

CAD drawing software is also utilised for pre-production purposes, allowing customer drawings to be digitally checked and revised when needed.

EPLAN Certified

Westbury are EPLAN certified, offering customers the confidence that we are a recognised provider.

Benefits include the ability to take advantage of EPLAN’s advanced automated tools and portal data features – selecting from a catalogue of industry standard branded components.

Electrical Schematics

Westbury CAD engineers produce well thought out layouts and simplified wiring schematics by alternating between the physical and electrical, until all potential problems have been anticipated and resolved, to produce the most successful outcome possible.

Panel Layout & Visualisation (2D & 3D)

These are developed digitally to help communicate ideas and outcomes and resolve issues on-screen, rather than later on the production line. The 3D capability is particularly useful in being able to ‘get inside’ the control panel with all of its components and available space to make critical assessments of the effectiveness of the design.

Control Systems

Schneider, Rockwell, Siemens, IFM Solutions (+ Others)

We have engineers conversant in all of the major brands in the field of industrial control automation, providing an open, proven and versatile service to our customers.

As system integrators for Schneider Electric and Rockwell Automation, Westbury have access to key technological developments both in terms of software and hardware – an advantage that we pass onto our customer base.

CodeSys 2.3 / 2.5 / 3.5 Software Engineering

Designed especially for manufacturers of automation devices or machine and plant builders, CodeSys is readily utilised by Westbury engineers.

As a standard coding platform worldwide for industrial control networks, CodeSys offers our customers unrivalled openness and compatibility.

Networks (EtherNet / IP, CANbus, Modbus, DeviceNet, AS-i)

Our engineers have built up an impressive portfolio of industrial networking solutions, being well equipped to make progress with the potential of the ‘Internet of Things’ and ‘Industry 4.0’.

Westbury engineers offer customers comprehensive support for the development and implementation of reliable and powerful communication networks.

Engine / Genset J1939 Communication

Engineers at Westbury can develop J1939 protocol solutions that provide valuable information about engine performance including coolant temperature, oil pressure, speed, and associated generator warnings.


PLC Automation

Westbury use Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) for automated customised control processes in various industrial applications to control motors, pumps, lights, fans, circuit breakers and other machinery.

HMI Interface Design

Westbury offer effective solutions for Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs), from simple designs, through to more sophisticated needs, to help users competently and safely operate many types of industrial machinery.

FDS Creation

Our engineers are able to assist customers with creating a Functional Design Specification (FDS) to serve as a pre-development / production guideline document. Typically, an FDS document will include determining requirements, objectives, specifications and testing procedures as a lasting reference.

Test Procedures & Records

Our team of dedicated test engineers are at hand to test every control panel manufactured at Westbury. Depending on customer requirements, we are also able to develop test processes tailored to specific needs.