Control Panels

Westbury build all types of control panels; from large floor standing units, through to mid-range cabinets, right down to simple junction boxes.


If you’re building machines and systems for end users working in the; energy, defence, security, construction, automotive and logistics sectors, there is a high probability that we will have the right manufacturing resource for you.”


In accordance with ISO standards, our right first time build rates for our security screening sector customers are in excess of:

98 %

Scalable Builds

Westbury recognise that many OEM machine builders are striving to respond to their customer’s changing needs, by outsourcing. We can complement your in-house capabilities by offering flexible manufacturing solutions, that are scalable to suit; saving you time, labour and cost.



From time to time, Westbury may send you by direct email; updates, news, offers and further details of its services.

Pre-production Engineering

Customers benefit from our pre-production services by having their control panel designs and specifications checked before manufacturing begins.

Westbury engineers work proactively with customers to highlight and resolve potential issues, streamline production, save time and reduce cost.

Production Planning & Support

Operations at Westbury utilise full MRP / ERP software to help manage and integrate all areas of production, including; quality, efficiency and traceability.

A dedicated Westbury production team, which includes planning, procurement and shop floor management, work together to ensure that everyone understands in simple terms; ‘what gets made and when’ to drive production and effectively manage customer expectations.”


After a year of building control panels Westbury have used over…


Linear metres of cable.

(09/2022 – 09/2023)

Popular Questions

Please click on the questions below to reveal the answers to the most frequently asked about manufacturing at Westbury.

What type of customers do Westbury work with?

Our services and setup are ideally suited to Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM) machine builders.

Which sectors has Westbury had experience working in?

A control panel / system can be applied to a broad range of applications, so relevant experience in a sector is preferential. After more than 20 years of manufacturing control panels, Westbury have worked in many sectors, including; quarry & mining, security, defence, food & bev, automotive and logistics.

How reliable is a Westbury control panel?

Our fundamental manufacturing objective is that a Westbury control panel must function properly; by offering customers maximum operational efficiency with absolute minimal downtime. To do this every control panel, (large, small or similar) built at Westbury is individually tested and logged. We do not subscribe to the more common practice of random batch testing. As such, our in-house test engineers will test to user requirements, including visual and tightness checks, wiring / schematics and system software / machine simulation. Consequently, our non-conformance records, which also fulfil our ISO compliancy are impressive, like our defence sector customers, where ‘getting it right’ is absolutely critical, the actual NCR’s have been under 1% (2020-23). With that kind of achievement Westbury offers a minimum 12-month warranty on our workmanship. Manufacturer’s warranty would apply to all parts where applicable.

Do Westbury design control systems?

We can collaborate with your engineers to develop and streamline your control panel design for manufacture, understanding that our role is to support you as the machine builder, and your key objectives. Westbury engineers can use their experience to help you to save time and cost by proposing efficient design for manufacture.

How does Westbury maintain its competitiveness?

To gain from our semi-automated production setup, repeat business is key – whether you’re a customer wanting 100 or 10 panels built per month. Large scale control panel orders with volume, can also be commercially viable.

What is the best way to approach Westbury to proceed with an enquiry?

We actively encourage site visits for customers to view our facilities for themselves. It would be helpful for you to provide us with your basic requirements; i.e scale, scope, specifications, special requirements (like NDA’s) and timescales, using our form below.


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