Westbury’s Efforts Don’t Stop at the End of the Production Line

Control systems fall very cleanly into the category of ‘stuff that really matters’ and failures not only lead to equipment failure, but to legal liabilities, reputation damage and even personal injury. That’s why when it was stated by its consultant client that “Westbury do the stuff that really matters, very well”, the finding was welcomed with open arms.

This relates to Westbury’s work with a UK based automotive giant building a series of mid-range control panels to a challenging (but achievable) deadline. Responding to factors beyond their control is what sets Westbury aside from others. By providing secure storage at our substantial Leicestershire-based manufacturing facility for completed control panels, a logistical challenge was overcome for the client.

Westbury’s efforts don’t stop at the end of the production line and it’s this attitude that proves to large-scale customers that they can be accommodated along with their ever-changing circumstances in a global setting. Feedback from the client has been very positive; expressing their gratitude to our due diligence – whether that’s recognising our consistently high quality workmanship, or precise panel wiring; demonstrating our attention to detail, we realise what’s important to clients. Westbury’s flexible business model and setup is not only evident in its approach and scheduling for production but also offers payment plans, which are able to accommodate costs, cash flows and budgets.

With reliable and longstanding supply chain relationships, and a list of enviable global accreditations and global partners, Westbury offer the complete package for reliability and scalability, delivered by a team of expertly qualified engineers, technicians and support staff.