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Westbury gains OH&S ISO45001 Standard
23 Oct 2018

Westbury gains OH&S ISO45001 Standard

Westbury are pleased to announce that it further extends its ISO certification having been awarded the Occupational Health & Safety standard ISO45001 : 2018 for its Business Management System.

Better integration, greater performance

Michael Greer, Westbury’s SHEQ Advisor commented enthusiastically about the key benefits of achieving the standard: “It allows us to develop and maintain an integrated management system, whereby Westbury staff will be actively encouraged to work together in a coordinated effort, to ensure that the company is not only more efficient but more effective – both internally, and to its customers and suppliers.”

Common goals

Different areas, and roles within the business will share common goals; from managing employees’ needs, to monitoring risks and hazards, from reducing inefficiencies, maximising resources and managing change – a fully integrated approach will help to achieve these objectives.

More information

Michael Greer, SHEQ Advisor: MichaelGreer@westbury-uk.com

NQA Global Certification: ISO 45001


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