OEM Solutions

OEM Solutions

Westbury recognise that many clients choose to design and build their own machines; with the advantage of first-hand experience, and an improved understanding of their own needs and requirements.

We can help clients to fulfil these objectives and much more by being a valued partner as an OEM Solutions provider of control panels and systems.

Being your partner

Westbury offers OEM solutions services to partners; from initial consultation and assessment, system design and integration, project management, manufacturing, through to commission, training and support.

As qualified system integrators, partners and providers we have excellent working relationships with global suppliers of components in the field of control and automation. This ensures that all our OEM solutions satisfy current safety and environmental standards to ensure compliance and mitigate hazards.

Westbury prioritises sustainably, by designing flexible and adaptable systems for OEM solutions, which are scalable and can be multi-tasked.

Control solutions offered

Client Designed Solutions – Westbury facilitate customer outsourcing of control panel manufacture when required. This benefit can be significant in relation to improving quality and design, reducing costs, better cashflow management and ultimately, lower risk.

Cost Effective Component Solutions – This offers the OEM sufficient control to meet their machine and client requirements, featuring simple connectivity for a mechanical linked / stand-alone machine at a lower cost.

Mid Range Control Solutions – Meeting the OEM’s need for high performance motion, safety, visualisation and control on a smaller footprint.

Highly Integrated Control Solutions – Providing the OEM with sophisticated control and information capabilities, designed to meet the most demanding requirements.


Westbury’s flexible designs allow the OEM to efficiently scale a control system up or down to satisfy a market demand change.

Your enquiry

We look forward to your enquiry – any further details about our OEM Solutions, or any other services please contact us.

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OEM Solutions