Consultation & Assessment

Consultation & Assessment

Westbury offers clients a complete consultancy service, which we consider to be a fundamental role and significant for the successful outcome of any given project. By working closely with clients, we understand their business objectives, reasoning, issues and the benefits they are striving to accomplish.

By adopting this service-led approach, Westbury are able to confidently and consistently deliver the most appropriate and relevant services and systems to clients.

Early stages

Westbury build these important relationships, by being involved as early as possible with a project. This often means working in a consultative role at the start of a project by providing informative feedback and assessments (this knowledge is based on BS EN design, construct and safety related standards) applicable to the project requirements.

Client savings

We consider this service from the outset as an invaluable investment that can later prove to deliver considerable time, resource and cost savings for the client.

Our expertise

We have a team of consultant engineers who are recognised as experts in their field, which can either work as part of a Westbury project, or as stand alone service for clients to cherry-pick from.

Key benefits to clients

  • Receive a relevant service in response to their needs, particularly relating to certified standards of design, safety and methods of working practices that are applicable.
  • Maximize quality and profitability by ensuring compliances.
  • Reduction in operating costs by correct source selection of components.
  • Flexible finance models are available.

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Consultation & Assessment