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Powerful partnerships: Westbury joins Schneider SI Alliance
01 Sep 2017

Powerful partnerships: Westbury joins Schneider SI Alliance

The Schneider Electric SI Alliance Program is a network of independent system integrators offering their customers the excellence of their local know-how with the best technological solutions from Schneider Electric.

Westbury will be amongst 1,000 partners in 64 countries providing customers with local expertise and Schneider’s global support of award-winning products and services. Glynn Westbury, Managing Director enthused: “We’re confident as newcomers to Schneider’s system integrator program, that we will very quickly build a strong, mutually beneficial relationship with Schneider for the long term.”

Paul Knott, Operations Director offers an insight into exciting opportunities: “Business prospects have already been offered to us by Schneider, which we’re grateful for and keen to take to the next stage. In fact, a growing number of Westbury’s existing clients have already specified Schneider Electric technology for their control panel builds, which should help us to stand in good stead.”

Also see Schneider’s System Integrator Alliance Partners page.

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