People power at Westbury

There has been plenty of conversation in the media and workplace about the notable skills shortage within the manufacturing sector – worryingly, a gap which is only likely to increase in numbers, as the baby boomer’s are set to retire.

Westbury’s response to this, is to make a lasting commitment to its future by investing in its people.


This starts with the continuation of Westbury’s highly successful apprenticeship scheme, which in its fourth successive year will take on a batch of local young people and school leavers; providing them with a workplace mentor and training, college attendance, and the opportunity to work towards a nationally recognised qualification in electrical engineering.

Incentive schemes

Westbury’s efforts in its people also extends across the wider work force. A new ‘worker award’ scheme (pictured), introduced last year, names and rewards high achievers, most improved staff members and consistent performers. A scheme which has helped to improve staff moral, cohesion, output and loyalty.

Keeping people

Staff retention is a priority at Westbury, and is proud of the fact that we have a high number of long serving people which include panel builders, engineers, through to management. In fact, we have workers related across two generations!

Megan Peat, Human Resources for Westbury highlights her confidence in keeping the skills gap pressure at bay: “We provide a modern working environment for our people, to ensure they are productive, proactive and valued – it all helps to build a positive workplace and to maintain a healthy competitive advantage.”

People priority

It is perhaps, Westbury being independently owned and ran, that its board of Directors chooses to prioritise it’s people in its approach and day-to-day business as a leading control and automation manufacturer and engineering company.

Because, after all, they are its most valuable asset.