Having to pass every test at Westbury...

Working within their enclosure, our valued team of electrical engineers busily ensure that all of our control panels and systems will stand the test of time.

Electrical tester, Joe Tongue and his colleagues work confidently together, as part of a team checking everything that goes out of the door at Westbury.

Visual Checks

Joe sets out their initial tasks: “Firstly, we carry out visual checks; is everything where it should be, does it look right, are there any obvious signs of something not looking right?”

It sounds quite basic, but the difference in a control panel working or not, by the time it’s commissioned, could be subject to just a very minor fault; like a loose wire which was not properly tightened in its terminal.

Attention to Detail

It’s an attention to detail which drives our electrical testers – ‘leaving no stone unturned’. This factor can also lead to a lot of pressure being placed on individuals and the team. Therefore, minimising common faults is key; allowing each tester to focus their efforts on resolving more complex issues which can arise.

The team’s objective is to always respond with issues patiently and competently. Joe enthuses: “We understand that it helps everyone to have good relationships with co-workers. I like to think that we’re very positive and supportive – for example, helping our less experienced apprentices to successfully overcome faults in their work.”


This mindset is very much about prevention and looking at ways to make improvements.

Senior team member, Brett Boonham describes his methodological approach: “We work to a rigorous schedule which sets out a sequence for testing: logging faults and feeding back information to the panel builders to be rectified.”

Records are also fed through to quality control for statistical analysis to help with production’s continual strive for improvement.

Overall, the team has a strong sense of ownership in the way how they work – which is a credit to themselves and a beneficial contribution to the business.

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