OEM Machine Builders – Outsource the right Resource

Westbury understand that many OEM machine builders, which work across a broad range of sectors struggle internally to develop and manage their own in-house capabilities in response to their client’s changing needs. In a climate where there is a shortage of skilled and qualified engineers, (which only adds to the pressure), the reality is that finding the right resource is a real challenge.

Whether you’re building machines and systems for bread lines, naval vessels, or possibly air purification, there is a high probability that Westbury will have the right engineering resource for you. After all, OEMs are not expected to be able to do it all, nor be all things to all people. Specialist knowledge and expertise is key, and at Westbury we have managed to steadily develop that since our inception, over 15 years ago.

We recognise that from one OEM to another, there will be a difference in needs; some ‘production orientated’, others ‘project focussed’. Westbury are distinctive in the sector, whereby they are able to offer both resources; from a dedicated engineering dep’t with hardware & software design, CAD and R&D capabilities, through to manufacturing: which includes panel building, testing and commissioning. Westbury’s standards are not compromised either by their extensive breadth and depth of resources. Valuable partnerships and recognised status with global automation players ensure that standards are high, as is quality, being ISO9001 registered.

Outsourcing the right resource benefits:

  • Lower supply chain management costs
  • Reduce stock and work in progress
  • Improve cash flow
  • Make better use of internal resource – people and space
  • Reduce manufacturing lead times that can result in increases revenue and profit
  • Manage overhead costs in line with the business needs
  • Move often difficult to manage and unpredictable variable costs to a guarantee fixed cost of ownership
  • Create a manufacturing strategy that manages risk and delivers maximum return

Westbury’s Operations Director

Westbury’s Operations Director, Paul Knott adds confidently “…we not only work across many applications but also have the proven flexibility to develop long term relationships with OEM customers ranging from international manufacturers, to small and medium sized management consultancies.”

To arrange a tour of Westbury’s facilities, or for us to come and visit you, please contact us. We look forward to the opportunity to become the right resource for you.