First in the UK to be EPLAN certified is a Westbury engineer!

Westbury are very pleased to announce that one of their draughtsman has become the first EPLAN ‘Certified Engineer’ in the country.

After 20 days of intensive training, including 2 full days of exams, Vince Ford passed the EPLAN Certified Engineer exam with an impressive 92.3% score!

Vince enthused: “A growing number of projects are now EPLAN specified by Westbury clients, so we have the capability and expertise to serve them to an IEC standard for laying out drawings and associated works.”

Craig Hudson, Engineering Manager for Westbury, commented: “Under an umbrella of CAD drawing platforms, we’re now able to offer the complete EPLAN resource with full certification, giving clients the confidence that we are a recognised provider.”

One of the key benefits of the EPLAN software is the ‘automisation’ element, which utilises an extensive data portal – a catalogue of components for all of the main manufacturer’s, including Rockwell Automation and Siemens.

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