Schneider Electric SI Alliance Partner

Westbury are a Schneider Electric SI Alliance Partner, being a member of a network of independent system integrators offering our customers excellent local know how with the best technological solutions from Schneider Electric.

Westbury are amongst 1,000 partners in 64 countries providing customers with local expertise and Schneider’s global support of award-winning products and services.

Also see Schneider Electric System Integrator Alliance Partners.


Rockwell Automation SI

Westbury are a Rockwell Recognised System Integrator, which means that we are competent and committed to lead with Rockwell Automation and have a mutually supportive relationship with Rockwell Automation sales and / or distributors.

The program offers customers the reassurance that we are continually enhancing our competencies and capabilities across multiple disciplines including control, information, process, safety and manufacturing operations.

Also see Rockwell Automation System Integrators.

UL508A Industrial Control Panels

Westbury are officially a UL Listed, Industrial Control Panel manufacturer for both the US and Canadian markets. We are approved to design and build control panels compliant to UL508A standards, having full in-house capabilities to serve a growing customer base with this globally recognised accreditation.

In the US, the NEC’s primary function is to prevent fires. Subsequently, electrical codes mainly focus on the installation of equipment in a facility and are relied upon by the contractor. However, they also have an impact on all areas of producing industrial machines, from specification, design, building, through to operation. To address this, Westbury works to the NEC’s UL508A Industrial Control Panels code.

By complying with this standard, Westbury helps to ensure that equipment is properly designed, commissioned and used in a safe manner. The following are examples of how UL508A standards have an impact on control panel design and manufacture:

  • Calculate short circuit current rating (SCCR) for entire control panel
  • The calculated rating is shown on a label located within that control panel
  • Proper use and location of E-Stop buttons with yellow legend plates
  • Provide label information indicating system voltage and motor full-load amps
  • Include “As-Built” drawing set inside the control panel when it is shipped
  • Arrange components in the control panel following the minimum air-space requirements determined by spacing UL used to test and list individual components
  • When requested, use markings to indicate proper torque ratings on mechanical or electrical connections as specified by the component manufacturer
  • Where specified, provide labels indicating proper size and type of fuses to be used for maintenance
  • Grounding and bonding methods
  • Wiring sizes and colour schemes

ISO Standards

Westbury take a proactive and progressive approach to standardisation and are ISO certified as follows:

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems
The internationally recognised standard for Quality Management Systems (QMS) provides a framework and set of principles to ensure a common-sense approach to management within Westbury to consistently satisfy customers and other stakeholders.

Read more about our certification as an NQA case study.

Download ISO 9001 certificate here.


ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety
This represents the world’s first international standard for occupational health and safety. Employees and visitors at Westbury benefit from the prevention and reduction of work-related accidents and diseases.

Download ISO 45001 certificate here.


ISO14001:2015 Environmental Management
Westbury has a formal framework and management system for improving its environmental performance, reducing waste and improving efficiency without sacrificing profits.

Download ISO14001 certificate here.

IFM Solution Provider

Westbury is an official IFM Solution Provider and partner of a company, which has pioneered automation technology and shaped industrial automation by continuous new developments in the field of sensors, controllers and systems.

Also see IFM Electronic.

TÜV Safety Certified

Westbury is TÜV Safety Certified to meet the stringent requirements of machinery safety currently legislated for the design and supply of control and automation of machinery systems.

Specifically our Engineers hold the following standards – EN ISO 13849-1:2015 & EN62061.

Also see TÜV Rheinland.