On-site Installation

On-site Installation

Westbury offer a comprehensive installation service; including the provision of wiring at a customer’s premises, after the delivery of their control panels.

Works can be either directly installed to individual machines or, alternatively installed as an integrated factory automation solution.


Implementation of all site works will be carried out by Westbury personnel and / or directed and managed by our own engineers, and undertaken by carefully selected qualified partners – all currently registered and approved by NICEIC inspection council.

Worldwide service

Westbury engineers travel overseas, serving clients throughout the world to ensure that their equipment, plants and machines are commissioned into successful operation, as per the original design specifications, and then extend their services for; on-site training, maintenance and support, including safety awareness and operating instruction.

When required, we extend 24/7 support via remote access systems from Westbury’s engineering office for fault finding and immediate remedial action responses.

Key client benefits

  • All electrical design interfaces can be determined from the outset of the project; for the control panels, plant equipment and site working practices, thereby preventing “unknowns” from interfering with tightly timed project plans.
  • With a single source supply there are no split technical or contractual responsibilities for the supply of the automation solution.
  • During the on-site working periods the customer has continuous access to Westbury engineers for all co-ordination and project variations.
  • Co-ordination of time plans between mechanical and electrical services ensure that the client has continuity through to handover acceptance.
  • Operational and technical assistance in the early days of acceptance is close at hand.
  • Site operational working practices can be accommodated more easily for future system modifications.

Your enquiry

We look forward to your enquiry – any further details about our On-site Installation service, or any other services please contact us.

  • On-site Installation
  • On-site Installation
  • On-site Installation
  • On-site Installation

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On-site Installation